MoE: Schools To Have Their Gates All Painted Uniformly Countrywide. Get Details

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The Ministry of Education has been trying to bring sanity in the school systems especially on the way school properties are being misused by the school administrators. The earlier indelible change that wrecked the public was the painting of school buses in adhesive yellow color in order to monitor their movements in and out of school.

The recent further adjustment is the need to apply school gates with adhesive and reflective golden yellow paint, just to change the school environment further. According to exclusive reports, the change came on board after several meetings of officials from the Ministry of Education who have been trying to derive a mechanism that will keep schools safe from both wreckless traffic and easy administrative monitoring.

The ministry’s PS, Dr Julius Ouma Jwan, in a meeting that was also attended by the officials from the State Department of Administration and Planning, while addressing the security of school property and safeguarding school environment, reported that schools should have several unique identifiable marks that could make them standout as a sacred place that people should respect. According to him, as school buses are away on official duties, school gates are usually the remaining emblem that could show the patriotism in the learning institutions to be used to recognize a school.

Furthermore, Dr Jwan reiterated that the way schools build their gates with no resemblance of the learning environment clearly shows how its administrators have neglected the importance of such structures.

“The buses are currently beautiful, but those schools without a bus have been sidelined in the changes already happened. Therefore, such schools will have to feel the changes too, by making sure their gates are applied with homogenous reflective golden yellow paint”, the PS said.

Dr Jwan elaborated that the said chroma will be a new way of identifying schools, something that will enhance faster and easier service delivery when in need. Moreso, the paint will make easier visibility for moving vehicles when approaching a learning institution, especially at night to avoid unnecessary accidents.

This applies mostly to college gates whose students are on movements overnight. He therefore urged all school heads to make sure all school gates to be turned into a new environment that will distinguish the gate of a villager from that of the institution.

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