Is Your Loan Limit Low? This Is How To Increase M-Shwari On Your Own.

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Mshwar is a paperless banking service offered by the giant telecomication company Safaricom through Mpesa.



It enables one to open and operate an Mshwari bank account through your mobile phone via Mpesa.



Mshwari does not require one to visit a bank to open an account, something that has made it mostly used in the country.


On the same, its has low interest rates than the normal banks. Currently, its interest rate is 7.5 percent, which is required to be paid after a period of 30 days .




Below are the few things you need to do to increase your loan limit from where it is currently to a higher amount.




1. Credit Usage.


Mshwari looks on how much you spend on credit before they calculate your loan limit. How much do you recharge daily?, how does the recharged credit used?.


This means, if you need to increase your loan limit, you need to increase your daily credit usage.





2. Mpesa Usage

For you to increase your Mshwari loan limit, you need to increase the number of transactions you made per day.



Mshwari looks at the amount you receive and send daily including how many times you do it per day.




3.Mshwari Saving

Mshwari considers how many times you transact the money with them. They look at how much you save there and for how long before they calculate your loan limit.




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