Kisumu Girls High School KCSE 2021 Results and distribution of grades

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Kisumu Girls High School is a national school in Kisumu county. In KCSE 2021, the school had a candidature of 392. Like other giant schools in Nyanza region, the school is also enjoying an exemplary performance after posting a mean of 8.105.





In addition to the commendable mean score, Kisumu girls is also boasting of a good number of direct entry to university. Out of 392 registered candidates, 328 managed to score above C+, which is the minimum university entry grade. The 328 candidature translates to 83.67% of the total registered candidates.




In previous KCSE Exam(2020), the school had a mean score of 8.082. This means this years’ performance had a positive deviation of (+0.023).





Two students scored grade A while 15 of the 392 scored A minus (A-) which is the second most coveted grade.

Here is distribution of grades Kisumu Girls High School KCSE 2021 Results

Kisumu Girls High School KCSE RESULTS 2021

A 2
A- 15
B+ 68
B 75
B- 98
C+ 70
C 45
C- 14
D+ 4
D 1
D- 0
E 0
x 0
392 83.67 8.812
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