KRA In Hot Pursuit Of The Little Known Kenyan Man Who Spent Ksh.571, 000 In A Club..

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A Twitter user has caught the attention of the KRA after sharing an eye-popping bar bill allegedly paid to an uptown club.

A man claimed he spent KSh 571,000 in a club.A Twitter user attracted KRA’a attention after claiming he spent KSh 571,000 in a Kilimani club.




The receipt shared by Twitter user Jack Were on Monday, February 7, indicated that they accrued a KSh 571,1000 bill together with friends.



Some of the items on the receipt included items like two bottles of Hennessey at KSh 31,000 and Moet and Chardonnay bottles worth a whopping 525,000.




Were’s receipt further indicated that they paid the bill via mobile money to the establishment in Kilimani.



“Tulijinice (we had fun) at Black Stars Lounge,” he captioned the image.

Were’s Tweet went viral and caught the attention of KRA, who reacted with a GIF indicating they were puzzled by the huge sum spent on one night.

Here is what other Twitter users had to say:


“Wa! That is a brand new Mazda Demio.”


“Is this Kenya?”


“How do you finish 35 bottles in one sitting?”


“The other day I had a KSh 170 bill at my local and the waiter told me it was KSh 220. We almost fought.”


“Isn’t this exposing a private organisation’s financials to public?”


“How many people were there to finish all those bottles? I’m not concerned about the money really just the crowd. How many?”

Were laughs off bill

The massive reactions from Kenyans and KRA prompted Were to respond, saying that he was only kidding by writing:

“Oyaah, can’t you guys tell that I was joking?”

The media reached out to the club to verify the validity of the receipt but they were unreachable on phone.

KRA announces social media plan

In November, the media reported that KRA announced that they were tracking Kenyans showing off expensive lifestyles while filing nil returns.

The taxman noted the move aimed to bring more people into the tax bracket and curb tax cheats.

The announcement caused a stir online, as Kenyans shared memes showing how the directive would affect social media posts.




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