Latest Most Marketable Subject Combinations According To TSC Recruitment Report

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You might feel a little puzzled about what subject combinations to choose while you are just beginning your study in Kenya. You can learn about some of the TSC marketable subject combinations in


 Kenya today by reading this article.





The Instructors Service Commission posts an advertisement each year to replace teachers who have left the teaching service, maybe due to retirement or attrition.





Additionally, the government may occasionally grant funding to the TSC for teacher recruitment as part of an activity known as mass teacher recruitment.


The terms of employment may be contract-based, permanent, and/or pensionable. When teaching positions on a permanent basis are announced,



contract teachers typically receive preference in the interview process.




You must have earned a mean KCSE grade of at least C+ and a C+ in the two subject combination you intend to pursue before enrolling in any secondary school program.




We looked through the TSC teacher advertisements and noted which subject combinations were the most in demand, which are typically sent to the commission by the relevant secondary schools.




It is important to note that there are three requirements for obtaining a teaching position with the TSC:





  • Subject combination
  • Duration of stay following graduation
  • Willingness to work anywhere in the nation.



Kenya’s most lucrative subject combinations for secondary school teachers.



The following combinations are at the top of the list of marketable educational topics;




  1. Biology and Chemistry
  2. Mathematics and Physics
  3. Physics and Chemistry
  4. Mathematics and Chemistry
  5. English and Literature
  6. Biology and Agriculture
  7. Computer/Mathematics or Computer and any other combination
  8. IRE and any combination e.g History.



These subject combinations are appearing quite often in the TSC list of post-primary school teacher vacancies.




Other common subject combination in Kenya include;

  1. Kiswahili and CRE
  2. Kiswahili and History
  3. Kiswahili and Geography
  4. History and CRE
  5. History and Geography
  6. Geography and CRE
  7. Mathematics and Biology
  8. Mathematics and Geography.



A unique combination, business and geography, has started to become available, but few institutions are currently applying for openings in this field.

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