Raila’s Damning Exposé On Kenyan Fuel Situation

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Azimio la Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga has called out to the government about the current price of oil, with a Super Petrol price hitting Ksh. 217 for the first time ever.

Raila claims that the current price of oil has been inflated by 30 shillings as a result of the government’s shady oil deal.





The Azimio leader claims that a cartel within the government benefits from the 30% price increase,. He provided no names.





“You find that you are being charged 217 shillings, but the actual price is 187. The inflation rate is around 30 %…now we are not sure how the 30 shillings is being distributed” Raila said.





Raila spoke to the press on November 16, explaining the discrepancies surrounding the Government-to-Government oil deal signed by Kenya in April 2023.




“There was no G-to-G. Kenya did not sign any contract with Saudi Arabia or the UAE. Only the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum signed a deal with state-owned petroleum companies in the Middle East,” he said




Raila also chastised the government for keeping the deal secret, calling it a “scam” whose main goal was to harm Kenyans as end users.




“You will find that ships are taking long before their creditors are confirmed, and the charges keep piling. The price of holding a ship per day has increased from 45,000 USD to 70,000 USD, and all this is passed to the consumer, “he said.





Raila has called out the government for allegedly ripping off its citizens, saying, “People are paying for air, and these people (government) are very happy about it.”




The coalition leader has issued a 10-point ultimatum to the government, top on the list being the complete cessation of government-to-government oil dealings.




“Ruto must immediately cancel the contract and revert to the Open Tender System… It assigned responsibility to various players as opposed to the so-called G to G that is making Kenyans depend on one inefficient and corrupt player, “Raila said.

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