‘Mama Miradi’ In Trouble As America Pastor Claims Being Conned By Her

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An American has accused nominated senator Millicent Omanga of conning him out of Sh28,000 that he had paid as deposit for a flat rented in the politician’s apartment block in Kisii early this year.

The 54-year-old pastor said he rented the flat at Nyamataro Apartment on January 15 in Kisii town, after paying a total of Sh56,000, half of which was the actual rent, while the other half was the deposit.

Mr David Smittkamp of the US-based Church of Love, who is married to a Kenyan woman living in Mosocho, said he lived in the flat for two months, from January to March 15 and he had been

 told he would be given back the Sh28,000 he paid as deposit upon leaving, and in the event that he did not damage anything in the house.

However, when the time of his departure came, the caretaker told him that the deposit would be paid on April 15 and he should not worry since there was no damage to the flat.

Money not wired

Content with the response, he gladly accepted the explanation and left the apartment, but come April 16, the money had not been wired to him as agreed.

Upon calling to inquire over the delay, he was told not to worry and that the money would hit his M-Pesa account any time.

“It has been three months since I was told the money would be reimbursed and I have not seen any such thing. The caretaker told me he would give me the amount as soon as the senator wired it to him, but he has not received that amount to pay me since March,” Mr Smittkamp said.

Several messages shared between the pastor and the caretaker paints the picture of frustrated man tired of constantly demanding his money.

The caretaker, identified as Vincent, is at pains to explain why he is yet to make the payment, and even tells the American that if he is not given the

 money by Ms Omanga, he will ensure Mr Smittkamp gets half of the Sh28,000 in a week’s time, and finish the rest by May.

“I have texted her…not yet responded, hope she will respond,” he texted the exasperated former tenant on April 16, before adding, “Sir, if she is going to give,

then as from next week, I will ensure I give half then again earlier next month, (May)I give another half. This is because it stresses me a lot sir.”




Copy of receipt missing

Strangely, the pastor was told that the copy of the receipt he was issued could not be traced.




In another message thread in May, Mr Vincent reveals that he is paid Sh6,000 and even offers to pay Smittkamp Sh5,000 a month.






“I must pay because I am not ready to be sent back to the village. Please, immediately she pays me, I will send (you the money),” he texted.






By the end of June, Mr Smittkamp had not received his money.




“I wonder how a person, with a high position as that of the senator would con people in this manner. I even called her and after hearing me, she clicked, hung up the phone and blocked my number,” he said.

In response to the accusations, Ms Omanga, who is vying for Nairobi woman representative position, said she could not remember the exact case, but clarified that if it was a matter of rent,

then Mr Smittkamp should deal with the agents managing the property, and not her. This is despite the caretaker informing the pastor that he was waiting for the money from the senator.




“I do not recall such a matter. I honestly do not remember such a thing, but being an issue of rent and deposit, he (Smittkamp) should contact the apartment’s agents, who I am sure will handle the matter,” she said.

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