Machogu Meets KUPPET Leadership And Discusses This..

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Education CS Meets KUPPET Leaders, Here’s What They Discussed

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, on 8th November, had a meeting with the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers, KUPPET,




officials ahead of national exams. CS Machogu has promised to engage more with the team for the betterment of the education system.




The CS has also urged the KUPPET officials to support and take part in the delivery of the upcoming national exams.




He also thanked the officials for the impact they have made on society and learners at large.




“I urge you to support and take part in the delivering of the upcoming national exams,” the CS said.



He also thanked the officials for the impact they have made on society and learners at large.





The officials included KUPPET chairperson Omboko Milemba and KUPPET secretary general Akelo Misori among other officials.



The KCPE exam will start on November 28 -December 1, while the KCSE exam will start from December 1-December 23.




A timetable released by the Kenya National Examination Council indicates candidates will be assessed in five papers for three days until November 30. Rehearsals will be conducted on November 25.





Mathematics and English will be tackled on the first day followed by Integrated Science (Science and Technology, Agriculture, Home Science, and Physical and Health Education) and Kiswahili on the second day.




Candidates will be assessed in Art and Craft, Music, and Religious Education on the third and final day in the Creative Art and Social Studies subjects





List of items discussed

  1. TVET Trainers are to be moved back to TSC
  2. New CBA for teachers
  3. Capitation for FSE to be increased and sent on time
  4. Management of co-curricular funds- teachers are to be paid rightful per diem and given priority in sponsorship for Championships.
  5. Employment of teachers and trainers
  6. CBC- funding, involvement of teachers in decision making.



The CS Machogu committed to working closely with the union on matters of teachers and education. 116,000 teachers to be employed within 2 years’ time. 30,000 in January plus 3,000 TVET Trainers

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