Man Writes His Eulogy, Buys Coffin & Digs Own Grave Awaiting His Death.

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  • A man has made the necessary arrangements to ensure his future burial ceremony is not just hitch-free but is done in the way he wants




  • Despite being of sound health, he has dug his grave, got someone who would salute his corpse and mourners




  • According to the man, the sad story of a man whose children lived abroad inspired him to teach people a lesson



A man who dug his own grave while still alive has opened up that he did it to teach people a lesson.




Video of man who dug his own grave, man digs his own grave, man plans own burialHe did it to teach people a lesson. Photo Credit: YouTube/Afrimax
Source: UGC





Afrimax gave a detailed narration of the comprehensive plans the man already put in place for his future burial.




Apart from digging his own grave, he already got people who will mourn and dance for him as well as someone who will salute his corpse.




In his plans, he also has finalised the clothes he will be buried in.



Why he chose to plan his burial ahead

The man told Afrimax that the story of an old man whose children lived abroad made him arrive at a sad conclusion.





He learnt from the man’s story that people love the dead more than the living.




The old man’s story goes that he lived in abject poverty despite having children abroad.





Upon his demise, those children who refused to care for him while alive returned and built a beautiful place. While alive, he lived in an old house, starved and wore dirty clothes.




The unidentified man who planned his future burial said he hopes to teach people to love and care for people as well as their parents while they yet live.



Murang’a man writes his eulogy, builds place he’ll be buried



As previously reported, a Murang’a man started making plans on how his burial will be conducted after he breathes his last on the unknown date.

Samuel Karanja, who also calls himself Kumenya, to mean “Knowing” built his burial site to save his family the trouble of digging his grave when he dies.

Speaking to journalist Victor Kinuthia, the elderly man said he had also taken the liberty to write his own eulogy which he expects to be read during the funeral ceremony because nobody knows him better than himself.

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