MoE Releases A New Calender And Academic Structure Starting April 2022

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Academic Calendar for 2022/2023

1. Term One of 2022.

This will start on 25th April to 1st July, 2022.
It will have 10 weeks. All pupils will transit to the next class, level or grade. This is how pupils will transit:-
– Class Eight – Form One.
– Class Seven – Class Eight.
– Class Six – Class Seven.
– Grade Five – Grade Six.
– Grade Four – Grade Five.
– Grade Three – Grade Four.
– Grade Two – Grade Three.
– Grade One – Grade Two.
– PP2 – Grade One.
– PP1 – PP2.
– Play School- PP1.

2. Term Two of 2022.

This will start on 11th July to 16th September, 2022. The term will have 10 weeks.

3. Term Three of 2022.

This start on 26th September to 25th November, 2022. This term will have 9 weeks.

Current class seven will sit for KCPE from 28th November to 1st December, 2022.

Current Grade Five will sit for the first CBC National Assessment styled as the Kenya Certificate of Basic Education (KCBE).

4. 2023( Next Year) in a matter of 11months, the Academic Calendar will normalize.
At this time the transition will be as follows:-
– Current class eight will be in Form Two.
– Current class seven will be in Form One.
– Current class six will be in class eight and sit for KCPE at the end of the same year.
– Current Grade Five will be in Junior Secondary School – Grade Seven.
– Current Grade Four will be in Grade Six and sit for CBC assessment styled as KCBE at the end of that year.
– Current Grade Three will be in Grade Five.
– Current Grade Two will be Four.
– Current Grade One will be in Grade Three.
– Current PP2 will be in Grade Two.
– Current PP1 will be in Grade One.
– Current Play School will be in PP2.

Parents with children in the current class seven should be aware that by January 2023 their children will be in Form One.

Parents with children in Grade Five should be aware that their children will be in Junior Secondary School.

This breakdown can inform some planning from our end as parents.

This will be another year with very short breaks for holidays apart from the April long holiday.

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