Police On A Case In Which A Medical Intern At Trans Nzoia Hospital Conned A Patient KSh 195k

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Police On A Case In Which A Medical Intern At Trans Nzoia Hospital Conned A Patient KSh 195k




Police in Trans Nzoia county are investigating an incident where a medical intern at the Kitale County Referral Hospital coned a patient KSh 195,000.





Jimmy Malewa was admitted at the hospital on August 8, and the intern claimed that he had requested a special antibiotic from Nairobi.




The intern kept asking for money from the patient’s kin who had travelled to the USA just a day after Malewa was admitted.





Trans Nzoia County’s Health Department is under scrutiny after a medical intern allegedly conned a patient KSh 195,131 at Kitale County Referral Hospital.



Patient admitted to the hospital Jimmy Maleya is said to have been admitted to the hospital on August 8, and placed under the care of a medical officer, Nashon Simotwa Chebeo, who introduced himself as a doctor.




Nation Africa reported that Maleya was with his parents, wife, and sister.




His father, Levi Karani, 77, said his daughter Terry exchanged contacts with the medical officer to get updates on her brother as she was flying out of Kenya the following day.



“My daughter requested the medical officer to take good care of her brother as she was travelling to the US and exchanged contacts for follow-up on his health,” Karani said.




Chebeo reportedly obtained KSh 195,131 for treatment from Terry.


He claimed to have requested a special drug to treat the patient and that it had to be flown in immediately from Nairobi.




Medical intern kept asking for money “He requested that I send money to purchase a certain antifungal drug which could not be found in Kitale,” claimed Terry.


“The industry could not release the drug, unless he went personally to pick it up in Nairobi,” added Terry.




In WhatsApp messages presented at the Kitale Police Station as evidence, the intern kept demanding funds from Terry, and she kept sending them, believing that she was helping her brother.



“When we realised we had been conned, we approached the medical superintendent, who told us we had been conned by the intern and advised us to report the to the police,” said Maleya’s father.


The family reported the matter at the Kitale Police Station. They recorded statements, and the police promised to investigate.


Disciplinary committee set up Trans Nzoia Health executive Claire Wanyama said they have also set up a disciplinary committee to investigate the incident.


According to emerging reports, it is believed that interns are used by medical staff to con patients in a racket that has been going on for a long time.


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), where the intern claimed to be a student, disowned him and said they don’t condone such behaviour.


He said medical students usually go through internships once they complete their studies, adding that the Ministry of Health and the county health department post them. “The person in question is more of a clinical officer than a student,” he noted.



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