Politics: Wetangula Pours Cold Water On American Academic Papers ln Lawyer Makau Mutua’s Credentials.

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  • Moses Wetangula said Makau Mutua’s academic credentials as a lawyer look dubious and difficult to verify
  • The Bungoma senator dismissed Makau’s professorship arguing that anybody can go to the US and return holding a professorship
  • Wetangula told off Makau following his attack on Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka stating that he should learn to respect Kenyan leaders

Kenya Kwanza principal Moses Wetangula has questioned credibility of Makau Mutua’s academic qualifications.

Moses Wetang'ula has cast doubts on Makau Mutua's academic qualifications.Moses Wetang’ula and Musali Mudavadi share a light moment. Photo: Moses Wetang’ula.
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During a rally in Trans Nzoia county on Thursday, March 3, Wentang’ula dismissed Makau’s academic achievements as dubious.

“Some upstart professor called Makau Mutua. A man whose record in academia is dubious and unverifiable talking ill about you,” said the Bungoma senator.



Wetang’ula claimed that there was nothing to distinguish Makau as a lawyer and that anybody could attain a professorship in the US.


“He is a very junior lawyer and has never had anything to distinguish him as a lawyer. Anybody can go to America and come back calling himself a professor. Those dubious professorships do not give anybody an allowance to be rude to others,” said Wetangula.



Wooing Kalonzo Musyoka

Wetang’ula continued with the latest charm offensive on Kalonzo Musyoka by the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

The Ford Kenya party leader said he would defend Kalonzo as a long time friend calling on him to join Kenya Kwanza to boost their poll numbers.

“I stand here as your long time friend to defend you. We in Kenya Kwanza are ready to work with Kalonzo to boost our numbers. If you show Kalonzo disrespect then you are disrespecting other Kenyan leaders. We can not allow you to continue speaking in a disparaging manner against a respected leader,” explained the lawmaker.




He further criticised Makau for allegedly abusing Kalonzo, telling him that they were ready to defend the former vice president.

“Your being with Raila Odinga doesn’t give you the license to besmirch abuse and denigrate Kalonzo Musyoka. Kalonzo is a respected former vice president of Kenya. My brother Kalonzo don’t worry since you have defenders,” stated the legislator.

Makau says he’s working to ensure Ruto endorses Raila

Earlier, Makau expressed his intent to court Deputy President William Ruto into Raila Odinga’s camp.

The US-based professor said he would be burning the midnight oil to ensure that the deputy president backs the ODM boss in the August 9 presidential vote.

“Politics is about the math of addition, not subtraction. I want every Kenyan, including Jubilee Party and Uhuru Kenyatta to endorse Raila Odinga. I am working very hard for an endorsement of Agwambo by William Ruto. Come one, come all! All the way to Canaan!” he said.



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