School Heads Cautioned Against Unwarranted Levies And Hiring Of Non Compliant Teachers.

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Warning to school heads against fee hike and hiring non-TSC registered teachers

School heads have been warned against charging unnecessary fees and hiring teachers who are not registered by teachers’ employers.




The headmasters have also been warned against imposing unnecessary fees without the consent of the parents and the BoM of the schools.



Ms. Lillian Mwangi, Western Regional Director, TSC called on school heads to be servant leaders and always lead from the front.




“I would like to give a stern warning to the school heads who are still charging the interview fee from the new students, and also refrain from employing teachers who are not registered by the commission,” she urged.




He urged the teachers to uphold the values ​​of honesty, kindness, self-control, emotional intelligence, courage, compassion and simplicity in their daily activities.



He urged the parents to share the responsibility of monitoring the progress of their children in the school.

“Parents and the state should work together to ensure quality education,” he said.




She was speaking at the Farmview Hotel during the annual meeting of the Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA) Western Region.




Busia First Lady H.E Judith Ojaamong also participated in the 9th Western Region Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA) conference.




He praised the KEPSHA organizers for choosing Busia as the venue for the event, which would also benefit the local hospitality and business communities.




“I commend the organizers of this event for considering bringing the best county in hospitality to the region in Busia. I take this opportunity to welcome you all to Busia and feel at home,” she said.




Mrs Ozamong praised the cooperation of Busia teachers and the Department of Education on issues affecting scholars in the county.




The Busia County government has already developed policies to improve education, such as the Busia County Early Childhood Education Act 2021, which assists the county with the management of ECDs and childcare centers.




The second policy is the Vocational Training Centers Act 2021, which aims to help with VTC management in the county.

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