Shock As Junior Police Assaulted Before Arresting His Boss.

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Drama ensued at an entertainment joint in Kasarani, Nairobi after a police constable fired four shots in the air prior to arresting his boss.

A police report seen by the media, stated that the senior cop was enforcing law and order at around 3 am on Saturday, March 25 when he bumped into his junior at the club.

The junior cop walked in and immediately confronted his boss. Detectives attached to the case, however, did not clarify whether the constable was among the revelers who were partying in the club.

After seizing his senior’s firearm, the junior was reported to have also drawn his own weapon and shot two more rounds in the air.

The altercation between the two escalated when the constable slapped and kicked his boss in public.

He then handcuffed the superintendent and frog-marched him to Kasarani Police Station cells.

“A call from above released the superintendent and saw the junior detained,” the report detailed adding that he will be arraigned in court.

In Kenya, the law bars police officers from using force while executing their mandate.

In most cases, the law enforcement officers are required to explain to any suspect the reasons for arrest before apprehending them.

This incident comes just days after another female cop turned up at work drunk and attacked two of her colleagues. The police officer arrived at an exam centre hurling insults at colleagues roughing them up.

“Officer A picked her rifle which had fallen on the ground but without its magazine. She resisted handing over the magazine which prompted officer B and another officer to disarm her by force.

“She started abusing and kicking them and throwing blows, assaulting them and becoming totally disorderly,” read the police report in part.

Order was however restored after other police officers responded to calls from the colleagues who were under attack by apprehending the drunk female cop.

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