Some Of The Weakest Currencies Globally.

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Weakest currencies in the world: With the US dollar being kicked back and forth like a soccer ball, its reputation in tatters, and value sliding steeply against all major world currencies, it might help us feel better about ourselves to know that Kenyan shilling is not among the worst currencies in the world. Yet in fact, we , unfortunately, don’t even make it to the top ten strongest currencies in Africa.

Sao Tome and Principe ($1 = 14,350 dobra):

weakest currencies in the world

This small island off the western coast of Africa can also lay claim to NOT having the worst economy in the world, even though it’s close. As the second smallest nation on the continent, Sao Tome and Principe exports cocoa, palm kernels, and coffee.

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Vietnam ($1 = 16,975 dong):

weakest currencies in the world

With perhaps the worst named currency in the world, at least according to western ears, this former foe and ally have had a tough time of it financially, though a recent rise in tourism helps. Visitors are normally asked to pay for everything in dollars.

Turkmenistan ($1 = 24,000 manat):

weakest currencies in the world

This former Soviet republic has significant oil and gas resources and starkly high poverty. What else would you expect with the misfortune of receiving a power mad “president for life,” Saparamurat Niyazov as your first leader? His forward thinking included abolishing opera, ballet, AIDS, and other scourges. Thankfully he’s dead now.

Somalia ($1 = 35,000 shillings):

What do you do when your deathbed economy can’t seem to catch a break? Some countries, like the US, turn to government bailouts. Somalia decided to try widespread piracy on the high seas as a means to create a flourishing nation. So far, not so good.



Zimbabwe ($1 = 642,371,437,695, 221,000):

We’re not sure what comes after trillions – zillions? Our experts tell us it’s actually quadrillions. Either way, it costs $35 million Zimbabwe dollars to buy an egg. If you plan to emigrate, maybe you should try for Somalia instead. At least they’re still on the charts.

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Belarusian republic is the emigrant country after USSR collapse in 1992. This country created its own national currency known as Belarusian Ruble that is still falling as per its exchange rate (currently, 1 USD = 20,486
Belarusian Ruble). High taxes and inflation, as well as corruption and political restrictions, led to significantly low price for this currency inside the global market.


Unexpected on our list of top 10 lowest currency in the world. Simply put, Indonesia is economically stable and developed country in South East Asia, though the currency has a low exchange rate, despite all effort to make it strong by the economic team in the country. A USD is worth 13,425 Indonesian Rupiah.


The Guinean Franc is the currency of Guinea, a country in Africa. Considering the natural resources of the country such as gold, adamant and aluminum, the country’s currency is supposed to be of high value but due to the high inflation rate as well as the progressing poverty and gangsters prosperity, the currency is being devalued. 9,120 GuineanFrancs are exchanged for 1 USD.






Sierra Leone is a very poor African country which handled out many serious tests and this caused the local currency to devalue. The country has also experienced war and also the outbreak of the Ebola Virus. 5,605 Sierra Leonean Leone is exchanged with 1 USD. Weakest currencies in the world.

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