“Teacher Deployment To Take Place At Zonal Level.” TSC Ordered

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End of TSC recruitment cartels as teachers to be employed in zones

The passing of motion that has directed TSC to amend its recruitment policy will




ultimately have an effect on cartels who have been interfering with teacher recruitment exercise.





Yesterday the Mps unanimously voted in favour of the motion dubbed “Review of Teacher Deployment Policy” which was sponsored by Lurambi Mp Titus Khamala.




TSC was ordered to review its teacher recruitment policy so that the employment of teachers to start at zonal level.





“Review the teacher recruitment policy with a view to devolving it to zonal level as the point of recruitment,” read the motion.




Unemployed teachers have for so long protested injustices done by some TSC officials who are said to be part of recruitment cartels.





Evidence show that some TSC Regional, County and Sub County Directors together with their Human Resource Officers and Curriculum Support Officers are involved in this racket.





They take bribes and award employment opportunities to undeserving teachers.




They practice the highest form of discrimination, tribalism, nepotism and cronyism.





These officials sacrifice meritocracy for the sake of their pockets.



However this will now end as they will no longer import teachers from other counties at the expense of the local teachers.




President William Ruto already said at least 30,000 teachers will be hired starting January next year.





The President who spoke on Wednesday 12th October after he officially opened the Komarock South Primary School funded by the Embakasi Central NG-CDF said his government will fulfill the employment promise he made to teachers.




Dr. Ruto noted that this will mark the first phase of absorbing more than 116,000 teachers to bridge the existing gap in schools.




If it comes to pass, the recruitment would be in line with President William Ruto’s campaign promise that, if elected,




his government would employ 116,000 teachers in two years to bridge the current shortage in public schools.




It would be the single largest recruitment of teachers ever and would push the number of teachers on the TSC payroll to 400,000.

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