Teachers candidly advise their union branches countrywide on the next move on TPD matter.

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In a move that warms the ground for tougher times ahead between the teachers and their employer, TSC,  teachers across the country are asking pertinent questions on TPD which they feel the unions have no teeth to ask.
1. Have the purported gaps in the TPD been addressed in the ongoing teacher training? It’s shocking that the same MKU , KU and other universities that offer education courses would half bake them (as claimed by TSC ) then the same universities come through back door to make the teachers great again.

2:We already have teacher professional programs like SMASSE, modules offered by KEMI among others. Has the employer done research on this existing modules and compiled a report why they are ineffective to the teaching profession? Why come with other modules before we analyze the weaknesses of the existing avenues of professional development.

3: Has the employer carried out a research on teacher attitude before introducing such modules….remember the consumer attitude is very important otherwise they will be another SMASSE.

4:  Where is the policy framework guiding the implementation, who is the financier, what is the mode of study? once you have attained what next? Assume all teachers attain the modules and there is a promise of promotion what next? Will all the teachers get promotions? How attainable and sustainable is this?

5: Some of the higher studies teacher have done contain study units with such modules eg. Educational administration, financial management etc . Wouldn’t this be a duplication of knowledge? If so why can’t those with such skills already through higher papers be promoted.

6: If the employer feels like the output from the employer is dwindling, the best practice is always to have a budget for in service training for the employee. Has the employer considered that?

7: Let’s be careful not to raise money for the thiefs in government through our employer. What is the multiplier effect of 350, 000 paying for the modules? Billions of money.

8: Have the universities incorporated the TPD in the curriculum of training teachers? Will the teachers who are yet to graduate three years from today need the much hyped TPD modules? Has TSC and MoE included the concepts captured on TPD in the training of teachers? A simple approach would have been to make water clean at the source!
9: Will the training be required for those with PhD and Masters, especially those in the areas of education. What makes a lecture who has no real time experience in teaching equip teachers better?
Isn’t this the usual theoretical approach to education?
12: Gaps from TPAD are unique, how will those unique needs be addressed when teachers are bundled together in a crusade of learners?
13: After equalizing teaching to Law and Engineering, will remuneration be comparable to those professions
14: Are there no other universities in Kenya that can offer these trainings?
What is unique about the selected universities that appear to be skewed to a particular region of the land.
Finally, this serves teachers right.
Till that time when they will choose to stand and save themselves.
(From concerned teachers)

It is therefore based on this that teachers
have resorted to not only sit and blame but also boldly advise their unions on what they want done. In no uncertain terms, teachers have expressed their clear stand on TPD. On different social platforms, teachers have spoken. Here are a few of the communications.

Reference is made to the above subject matter which is currently controversial and of public interest.

In order not to loose the heat of the moment, impetus towards a solution and mitigation measures; it’s the opinion of teachers from calls and messages received *THAT* : –

i). You urgently write appetition to be undersigned by members starting tomorrow at Mwalimu SACCO meeting and other subsequent meetings.

ii) The petition to be addressed to the TSC, National Assembly, Ministry of Labor, KUPPET National, Labour Relations Court, Ministry of Education.

iii) Mobilize the mainstream media and at prime time news or live coverage; condemn, disassociate yourselves with the decision of KUPPET SG, TSC on the subject TPD and pointing out why the program is unsustainable and repugnant to teachers desires.

iii) Have a mock demonstration at nearby towns which will culminate to media briefing.

iv) In the media outline the subsequent demonstrations, picketing and petition schedules until reprieve is met.

The aforementioned is to create a public outcry and propel the matter as of national interest.

(Concerned union Member)


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