Teachers’ Employer, TSC Reorganizes Duties And Responsibilities Of School Heads.

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Heads of Schools have been stripped of their powers of appointing teachers to the positions of senior teachers and senior masters in their schools.
Besides that, they will also not be able to appoint deputies in their schools.
Before this decision, heads of schools have been the ones who have been recommending their senior teachers and deputy school heads who then got automatically promoted to stay in those positions. However, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has now made changes as regards the appointment of a school’s administrators.
In the new changes senior teachers, senior masters and deputy head teachers will be posted to schools.
However, regardless of this, all school administrators who have been in acting capacity starting the year 2017 are set to be confirmed to their positions.
Most of those who have been in acting capacity have since been confirmed and are now serving in new job grades.

This is following the Commission’s advertising of 2,419 vacancies of promotion for teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

Among the positions that had been advertised are those of Principals, Senior Masters, Senior Teacher, Deputy Headteacher, Secondary Teacher, Primary Teacher and that of Curriculum Support Officers.

Hardship areas indicated in the new CBA also benefited from these promotions with slots being reserved for schools located in Arid and Semi-arid lands (ASALs) and those areas that are hard to staff.

Teachers who were promoted were those who had been in acting capacity for a period of more than three years up to the moment of the TSC promotion interviews.


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