Top Most Trending Diploma Courses Every Kenyan Should Scramble For.

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Facts indicate  that  some diploma programs are much superior to degrees and even pay more.





Even of  many people believe that degree programs are better than certificate programs, this is not the case.





Identified in this list are diploma courses that are superior to degrees, which many people are unaware of.





1. Quantity Surveying Diploma

Incase you have a grade of less than a C+, it is possible to enroll in one of the diploma courses.

Among the best institutions is Technical University of Kenya that is  best known for generating high-quality quantity surveying graduates.



An advantage with this training is that you receive a job right away. Therefore no matter how terrible things get, you’ll never be bored.





2. Real Estate and Property Management Diploma

It has turned out to be  one of the diploma courses that can lead to a plethora of possibilities.
Demand for real estate agents is at an all-time high.





3. Purchasing and Supplies Diploma

Purchasing and Supplies is still a fantastic alternative Incase it happens that you’re looking for a marketable diploma course in Kenya.
This course has  fastest expanded  occupations, thus making it one of Kenya’s most marketable diploma courses, which is far superior than a degree.





4. Web and Graphic Design Diploma

A number  of persons in this field are self-employed and firms outsource their work to them.

With the new  technology advancement,  more and more companies are done online, resulting in increased demand for web and graphic designers.

The above  course can be completed at the same time and are among Kenya’s best-paying diploma programs.






5. Pharmaceutical Technology Diploma

Having a  diploma in this course will allow you to work with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, one of Kenya’s largest pharmaceutical corporations.

One  can make up to ksh100,000 each month here.

Incase you have the financial means to operate your own chemist, which most people desire, you may make sh10,000 in a single day, depending on the region. It is more than ksh100,000 in a month, far more than someone who works 8 hours a day.





6.Project Management/Monitoring and Evaluation Diploma

If it happens that  you’ve  wanted to work for a non-profit, a project management or monitoring and evaluation diploma can help you get there.

An NGO can promise you a monthly salary of more than 70K with flexible working hours.





7. Architecture diploma

A number Kenyans believe programme is still one of the greatest diploma courses in the country.
The program is not yet full, and there is still a great need for architects in the area.






8. Human Resource Management Diploma

These  specialists are some of the most important decision-makers in any company, and they are indispensable.
Diploma graduates are in higher demand than their degree counterparts in this programme because of this demand.






9. Journalism and Mass Communication Diploma

Quite a majority of Kenyans believe that this course is overcrowded, but who said that journalists are in short supply?

It  is one of the courses that is best for the most gifted students.

The  pay is likely to improve over time with a diploma and a beginning salary of 40K depending on the media business.






10. Accounting and Finance Diploma

A number of accountants and financial professionals are always in demand in the business sector. It’s no surprise that these are the most popular diploma courses in Kenya.




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