Tough, Unfamiliar CBC Exams? Grades 3,4 & 5 Face Papers With Unusual Structures.

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Learners In Grades 3,4 And Five Face Tough Moments As They Handle CBC Exams With Unfamiliar Structures.




The ongoing School-Based Competency Based Assessment (CBA) is giving Grades 3, 4 and 5 difficult moments because the examinations are different from the multiple choice examinations which were done in 8.4.4 curriculum.




The CBA examination have a completely different picture from the examinations of the old 8-4-4 curriculum.




8-4-4 Curriculum allowed learners to choose answers form the given multiple choices unlike in the CBC where learners are required to read and understand the question before giving answers.




Details of the first national assessments for grades 3, 4 and 5 have shown that the learners are required to write short essay answers and do practical activities.




In the new curriculum, the grades scored by the learners will be uploaded to the Kenya National Examinations Council portal for continuous and summative assignments.




The new curriculum can be a major challenge to learners as new details emerge that majority of the learners in grade three, four and five do not know how to and write.




Teachers countrywide have also reported that the ongoing exams are challenging and only favours those who know how to read and understand.




The CBA in the new curriculum requires pupils to apply the knowledge they have learnt which is abit challenging.





Teachers have also indicated that the language being used and the statements in the exams are too long for the pupils to understand. Teachers say that the exams are also time consuming since the pupils are supposed to do practical activities which according to details take a lot of time.



“The ongoing assessment is about application. It is not a direct question and the learners are required to read the question and understand,” one teacher stated.

Different stakeholders have raised concerns on the demands of the Competency-Based Curriculum in terms of resources and now the format of CBC exams.

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