TSC Offers Explanations Why Salaries Came By Mid June.

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TSC Explains why teachers Have been paid their June salaries before the middle of the month.



The teachers across the country have been given a rare gift by their employer, the Teachers Service Commission, which has remitted teachers’ pay in what looks to be the shortest time in history.




In this move,at  least 95% of banks had credited teachers’ bank accounts with June salaries by 4 p.m. on June 14, 2022, implying that over 98 percent of teachers had received their dues.




The teachers were surprised that their employer, who seemed to be ‘against’ them at all times, had abruptly changed to their goal post in a record-breaking move by TSC.




A few instructors who have not yet received their June salary will most likely have their accounts credited by the end of business on June 15, 2022.





A number of a group of educators has praised the Teachers Service Commission for processing June pay with lightning speed.




However, if TSC fails to remit salary by July 14, another section predicts frustration and disarray in July.




“Why should TSC pay us before the middle of the month, then make us wait 47 days for our next salary?” This is nefarious, and if we don’t spend this money well, we may be disappointed in July.




“Our next pay will most certainly be after July 28th, and you can guess how long that will be,” complained a teacher from a well-known Kisumu County school.



The commission was resolved to clear the accounts in preparation for the 2022/2023 financial cycle, as we are commencing a new budgetary cycle in July..



All teacher employees of the Teachers Service Commission will have received their paychecks by the end of the week.




According to TSC Boss,Dr. Macharia advised teachers and other personnel who work with us to make the most of their June salaries, as July is approaching.




Salaries may arrive later than expected in the next month.





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