Video: A Rich Social Media Influencer Drops KSh 151m From Helicopter For People To Pick

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A social media influencer splashed 1 million Dollars and allowed people to pick the money like grain in the field The influencer, Kazma Kamitch, dropped off the money from a helicopter flying



above the town of Lysa Nad Lahem in the Czech Republic In a video that has now gone viral, Kazma said what he did was the first real money rain in the whole world.


A man has made headlines for dropping a whopping 1 million dollars from a helicopter and allowing people to pick the money.


A crowd gathered to pick up the money after it was dropped.



Photo credit: Instagram/@kazma_kazmitch Source: UGC

In a widely circulated video,the man, Kazma Kazmitch, said what he did represented the first real money rain in the world.



In the clip, Kazam dropped off the 1 million Dollars from the heli in the town of Lysa Nad Lahem in the Czech Republic.


The money was scattered above and made its way to the ground, where a crowd of people were already waiting.



What happened after Kazma dropped money? Three helicopters hovered above, but only one had a container of money attached to it with a rope. When the container was opened, the money scattered like leaves.



Many of his fans came to the scene with bags, and they helped themselves with cash. He captioned the video: “The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! $1.000.000 dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic and no one has died or got injured.”


Kazma first required his fans to solve a code presented in his movie, “Onemanshow: The Movie,” before they would qualify to attend.



“Pressing Need for Systemati… However, no one was able to solve the code, so he sent out emails to registered participants.


The email contained the coordinates of the location where he would drop the money by 6 am, Times of India reports. The 1 million Dollars he dropped at the location is KSh 151 million in today’s exchange rate.


Netizens react as man drops 1 million Dollars from a helicopter


“When are you coming to Uganda?”

@Roaming Julius said:


“In Uganda, you won’t pick a thing. Museveni would cut off the whole area.”


@Savilito said:


“For Nigeria, before the money go reach ground money don finish for air.”






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