Wamalwa Goes After Ruto’s Lawyer Grand Muller After Sharp Fallout.

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For those who know lawyer Ahmed Nassir Abdullahi and have interacted with him on Twitter definitely know how harsh he is to Azimio politicians.




Ever since the politics and elections period began, we have been seeing Ahmed Nassir tweets all over and apparently,




it is true to say that Azimio politicians live in his head rent free and he thinks about them often.






Apparently, he posted a very sensitive tweet that seemingly angered devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa and he was so unapologetic about it.




Lawyer Ahmed Nassir was actually throwing shades to Azimio coalition as more and more of them continue seeking hostage in the Kenya Kwanza team aiming to get jobs.




Today, Azimio supporter Abraham Mutai left a post on Twitter and this was being directed to Ahmed Nassir.




According to the report,




Eugene told Nassir that he had given him 24hrs to delete the cryptic tweet he had left on his page pointing a finger to the Azimio team.





He said that if 24hrs elapse when Nassir hasn’t deleted the tweet, then they will have a case in court.




Source, Twitter.

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