What To Consider Before Buying Second Hand Car In Kenya.

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Asking the right questions is vital when you’re buying a used car. We show you how. Buying a used car in Kenya doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking or expensive. You just need to know what you should be asking.


Once you have saved enough money to invest in a second hand car, you are ready to choose the type of motor vehicle you want.

Choosing the type of vehicle you want, depends on  what you are looking for. What are your interests? Also it depends what the market is ready to offer from different car dealers


We all have our dream cars, although, it is important to ask question about the details of the car before you dig deep into your pockets and close the deal.

You don’t have to rush in buying a car after seeing an ad, forgetting that every used car has a history.

Note that, buying a second hand car in kenya from a car dealer, won’t give you much information. This is because the dealer, either took the car as trade-in or bought it at an auction.

So, it is important to run a vehicle history report and get a skilled mechanic to inspect the car, this is to your advantage.

You will still need to review the car history when you purchase it from a private seller, because he or she  has owned and used the car.

So, you are ready to buy your dream car, here are questions to ask when buying a used car in Kenya;


10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car


What Is The Maintenance History Of The Car?

It is important to find out, if the car was serviced at a dealership by an independent mechanic who is not affiliated with any garage. Note that an up-to-date maintenance and regular service of the car is a plus.

The mechanic will also check the tire pressure and alignment and perform routine brake check.There are  benefits of knowing the maintenance history of the car that you are intending to buy.

Do You Possess The Service Records Of The Car?

It will be advantageous to you when you purchase the car from  a car seller who has the service records available and you are allowed to check them out. It is important to check the receipts for maintenance and repairs of the used car.

Has The Used Car Been Involved in A Road Accident?

This can be found on the car history report but you can still enquire on the extent of damages and repair process of the second hand car. If the car has been involved in an accident, check if the paint is in strange places.  You need to also check for misalignment, fresh undercoat cover-up, if it is cracked, could be jacked, if the headlamp replacement has been misplaced and most importantly the car ownership.

Can I Check The Car Oil Condition?

It will be important to get a mechanic to check the condition of the car oil. The mechanic will check the car fluid levels which include;

  • The car engine oil which lubricates the metal in the engine.
  • Transmission fluid, helps in keeping a key part lubricated and functioning properly
  • Coolant, helps to absorb heat and pass it through the radiator
  • Brake fluid
  • Steering fluid, helps in making steering easier

Does The Car Have Any Malfunctioning Component?

It is important to check if the parts of the car are working and they are in good condition. Check the warning lights on your dashboard, also look at the engine light. Are the car tires in good shape or not? It is important to check the windshield  wipers if they are working. Windshield wipers help in clearing rain and debris from the windshield.

Do You Have The Car Ownership History?

One of the critical thing to do before buying a used to car, you have to know the details of the previous car owner. You do not want to be caught in between the car ownership saga. Checking the car ownership history, gives you a stress free process of you purchasing the second hand car from the car dealer. The car dealer will assist you in accessing the vehicle search history report, which will indicate if the car was stolen or not.

Has The Car Been Repainted?

The paint on car has to be visible, you need to look at the sides of the car from end-on for waviness which indicates paint work while roughness indicates residue left from masking tape. Note that, when the car has an original paint, fixing the exterior of the car will be much easier and less expensive

Do You Have The Car Title In Hand?

You have to ask for the title, in some cases where the car dealer may not be in a position to provide the title, that rises a red flag. There might be an outstanding bank loan or the previous car owner might have lost or misplaced it. As a car buyer, you do not want to be involved in such cases.

Can The Car Be Taken To A Mechanic?

Taking the used car to a mechanic for inspection can save you a lot of damages and problems. If the car dealer won’t allow you to take the car to a mechanic, you are advised not to make payments for the car. The mechanic will focus on five vital areas of the car when you bring it for inspection. The areas are;

  • The exterior part of the car
  • The tires
  • The interior part of the car
  • The engine and transmission
  • The steering and suspension

Why Are You Selling The Used Car?

It is important to note that,  the car dealer might have an answer to this question, although it is advisable to ask it anyway.

Before buying the second hand car, you need to get the facts right and the correct details about the specific car that you want to buy.

After been given the reasons why the car dealer has to sell the car, and you have the information and the required documents concerning the used car, you are now ready to close the deal.

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