What You Need To Know About The 11 Different Types Of Number Plates In Kenya.

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In Kenya, if you own a car then it is
mandatory that your vehicle has a
registration number.

Do you know that there is up to 11 different types of vehicle number plates in Kenya?
Here I will outline and explain them in details so as you can understand.


1. Civilian vehicles plates.
This are the most common type of number plates. They consist of four letters and three numbers, eg KCW 606X. The registration number begins with letter K and written with a black ink on a white or yellow background.



2. Government vehicles.

This are the vehicles owned by the Kenyan government. The number plate on this vehicles starts with a GK. A good example is police vehicles.

3. County government vehicles.

This are cars owned by the county
government. County government vehicles have a very unique registration system.
An example of a county government
vehicle number plate is, 47 CG 467G. 47 is the county code and CG means County Government.

4. County governors vehicles.

A governor is the most powerful elected member in their respective county and their cars have a unique registration plates.
GVN 001A is a good example of a county governor’s number plate. GVN stands for governor and 001 is the county code, in this case Mombasa.

5. Parastatals and government institution vehicles.

This are cars that belong to government owned companies, schools, hospitals and universities. Number plates on this vehicles is same to the one on civilian vehicles but the background colour is usually blue or dark blue.


6. Diplomatic vehicles.

This vehicles belong to foreign agencies but are based in the country. The numbers are written in white on a red background.
E.g 99 CD 19 K. 99 represents code for
specific country CD means chartered
diplomat and K stands for Kenya.


7. International NG0’s.
International Non-governmental
organizations have a unique category of number plates. The registration numbers are written in white against a red background and start with KX.For instance,
KX 05 D 59. KX meaning international NG,
05 D for specific NGO and rank of the

8. KDF
Vehicles belonging to Kenya defence
forces do not start with a GK. KDF vehicles
have a unique number plate that
corresponds to international numbering.

9. Trailer Plates.
A truck can haul several trailers within a day and if you have observed well, each trailer has a unique plate starting with letter Z’.

10. Motorbikes and tuktuk.
They have the same kind of engine and carry a maximum of two and three passengers respectively. Their number plates are written in black and have four letters

11. Customize plates.

The most expensive plates in Kenya. You can decide to have a customized number plate for your car but you will have to pay

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