APHELION PHENOMENON: Where The Earth Will Be Very Far From The Sun

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Starting tomorrow at 05.27 we will experience the APHELION PHENOMENON, where the Earth will be very far from the Sun.




We cannot see the phenomenon, but we can feel its impact. This will last until August.




We will experience cold weather more than the previous cold weather, which will have an impact on flu, cough, shortness of breath, etc.




Therefore, let’s all increase immunity by drinking or taking lots of vitamins or/and supplements so that our immunity is strong.




The distance from Earth to the Sun is 5 light minutes or 90,000,000 km. The phenomenon of aphelion to 152,000,000 km. 66% further.





So, the air is colder and the impact on the body is not good because it is not used to this temperature.




For that reason, keep our health conditions in order to stay healthy with such weather conditions.…..





Don’t let it be an excuse for the next phase of Corona.






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