Buruburu Girls’ Fire Outbreak Causes Injuries To Dozens Of Learners.

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It’s bad Buruburu High School Nairobi  County  as several students have been rushed to hospital following a fire that broke at one dormitory on Sunday evening.
The school’s administration  however, said none of the students sustained burns after the fire at Kingdom dormitory with reports that there had been warnings from unnamed students that they will torch the school.
”Several students have been rushed to hospital after inhaling the smoke fumes,” an official at the school said, “We don’t have injuries from the fire.”
He said at least 20 were taken to hospital after the incident that occurred at around 5pm.
Police said the cause of the fire was not immediately clear, but an investigation had been launched.
Soon after the fire broke out, more than a dozen parents arrived at the school and demanded to be allowed to go home with their children leading to a stand off.
“No one is telling us anything and that is why we want to be allowed to go home with our children,” one parent said.
Police and the school management had a hard time restraining the agitated parents as fire fighters struggled to put out the inferno
“All we want to know is about the safety of our children but no one is telling us, they are just saying we should wait,” another parent said.

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