Choose Your Enemies Wisely By Patrick Bet-David

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10 Things to do going into 2024:




1. Manage which friends, co-workers & relatives influences you both negatively and positively

Eliminate those who suck your energy and increase time with those who inspire and challenge you.

Don’t confuse someone being negative as challenging you.

Challenging you properly is someone who is engaged and in pursuit of their dreams.






2. Choose which circles you’d like to be in

Make a list of 10 names you’d like to be in their circle.

Then ask yourself the question, why they would want you in their circle.

If you don’t have a strong argument for it yet, make your case with results in 2024.

There are levels to circles so manage expectations of the circles you want to be a part of up front.





3. Choose to recreate yourself.

One of the most annoying aspects of recreating yourself is accepting the fact that the CURRENT YOU isn’t good enough for the next level.

Which issues kept reappearing in 2023 that needs to be addressed.

Same approach to conflicts?
Over reaction?
Under reaction?
Skill set?

Then create a step by step plan to how you plan on recreating yourself.





4. Be overly prepared up front for 2024

Anticipation has been and will continue to be a very valuable resource in today’s economy.

Those who anticipate both opportunities and crisis for 2024 Will succeed and those who won’t will get crushed.





5. Drop 2 things you eat that is killing you.

Whether it’s cigarettes, vaping, candy, chocolate, sweets, soda, bread or whatever your weakness is, drop a thing or two that you know it’s not good for you.





6. Work on your faith

In a time where faith is boring and not cool, I recommend working on this are.

People are afraid and embarrassed to discuss their faith.

Working on your Faith, whatever it may be gives you a few great qualities to win in life.

– Discipline
– Confidence
– Decreases your chances of making dumb decisions
– Helps you think bigger knowing no matter how bad things may be, future looks bright
– You become a better leader





7. Create a better process and standard for making better decisions.

This will take time and it’s not easy.

The challenge of making good decisions logically while emotions are high is tough.




8. Spend at least a full day writing out your business and life plan for 2024




9. Choose your enemies wisely

Everyone has enemies.

Some are public
Some are private

Whether you know it or not, even you’re on people’s list of enemies.

If you’re not, that means you’re living a small life not working on anything big.






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