What TSC Considers For Inter County Transfer Of Teachers.

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5 Factors TSC Uses To Consider For Inter County Transfer


5 factors TSC uses to consider for inter county transfer




The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) observes some factors when it want to effect inter county transfers for teachers.





Below are details the Commission will use to consider inter county transfer requests especially for delocalized teachers.






Kindly note that TSC will also have to balance its staff in each Sub County not to create a severe shortage for the sake of appeasing delocalized teachers.





1. The age of the teacher:

The age of the teacher is one of the factors TSC looks at when considering a transfer request.




Previously teachers aged 56 years and above were exempted from the transfer out of the area of their current work stations.




Due to the end of TSC delocalization policy teachers aged 50 years and above will be in top of priority list when the transfer requests are being considered.




Delocalized teachers in this age bracket are school heads who were transferred out of their county from the year 2018.




There are around 6,078 primary school headteachers and secondary school principals who were delocalized.




2. Health status:

Teachers with proven cases of terminal illness were previously exempted from transfers out of their sub county of work.




Ailing teachers will top the priority list. Teachers suffering from chronic conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc will have their transfers early.




However TSC will evaluate each case on its own merit taking into consideration the supporting Medical documents, the availability and accessibility to the appropriate medical facilities amongst other factors in the proposed station.





3. Teachers with Disabilities;

Teachers with disability with the necessary certification were previously exempted from transfers outside their current station sub County.




Delocalized teachers who have a proven disability will have top consideration when the re-routing starts.




4. Family considerations:

Teachers with families will be considered. This will be a key factor when re-routing delocalized teachers home. A marriage certificate or an affidavit will be an evidence for marriage.




Previously TSC transferred couples who are employees of the Commission and have formally declared their marital status in the same neighborhood.




5. Length of stay since first appointment:

Previously for a teacher to be considered they must have served in a station for a period of not less than three (3) years and five (5) years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment; unless otherwise authorized by the Commission Secretary.




Though this will change priority will be given based on length of stay since first appointment.




Some teachers were delocalized in 2016 others in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. TSC will consider the time the teacher was first posted.





Pending: This is displayed once the teacher’s application is successfully delivered awaiting remarks from respective supervisors.





Acknowledged: This is displayed if the teacher is eligible for transfer and awaiting the availability of vacancy and or the teacher’s suitable replacement.






Not Approved: This is same as when the teacher’s request is regretted. This is applicable if the teacher has not met conditions set as per the transfer policy for example having not served in the current station for a period of not less than five years since first appointment, lack of suitable replacement or vacancy.






Approved: This is displayed after the transfer committee approves the teachers transfer request. The teachers transfer letter is then issued through the Principal in the case of post primary institutions and through the County Director in the case of primary school.





NOTE When a transfer request is withdrawn it simply means it was not successful or was successful and a new one can now be placed.

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