Electoral Anomalies: Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Digs Deep Holes Into Ruto’s ‘Victory.’

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City lawyer Donald Kipkorir has raised new allegations on Dp Ruto’s victory that could easily pose a threat in the Supreme court would the Azimio team seek justice at the judiciary.





Taking it to his Twitter account, the lawyer questioned on why in every Ruto’s stronghold counties he received





more votes than gubernatorial candidates while in Raila’s ODM stronghold,




the ODM candidate received little votes less than every gubernatorial candidate in each county.




This concern has been raised by many people because Ruto received more votes from his stronghold more than the sum of votes of gubernatorial candidates




while in Raila’s stronghold gubernatorial candidates received more votes as Raila received less.










This calculation has raised confusion as the Azimio team is now heading to the Supreme court to challenge Dp Ruto’s victory as they claim it was tampered with in the final Tallying process.





It will not take the Judiciary to give a final verdict on Ruto’s win on if the election will be nullified or not.

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