Governor’s Husband Vows To Attend All County Meetings Chaired By His Wife, The Governor.

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Meru First Gentleman Murega Baichu has castigated those questioning his presence in meetings chaired by his wife Governor Kawira Mwangaza.





According to Mr. Baichu, he has a right to attend meetings held by the Meru Governor just like any Kenyan.






“Just like the media attends government meetings…why are you here?




Let us say some visitors have come to see the governor…for example we had a meeting the other day… they came to bring equipment for our hospitals and to help our community.




Why shouldn’t I be there?” Baichu posed.





“The government is me and you… just like every one of us has an opportunity to attend the governor’s meeting, even me, Murega Baichu, I have a right to attend that meeting,” he added.





The Meru First Gentleman has been a topic of debate recently, as he has been seen attending meetings held by Governor Kawira.





He sparked controversy last week, after Governor Mwangaza announced that he had appointed him as the Meru Youth Service patron and hustlers ambassador.






“This office will not have a salary, neither will it have allowances. This office will be held by the first gentleman of the county,” Kawira announced.





On Monday, Baichu welcomed his appointment, saying some of his priorities will be to build a music studio and ICT hub to benefit Meru youths. 

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