KDF Cadet Mass Recruitment 2022:Updated Details On KDF Cadet Application, Requirements

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KDF Cadet Mass Recruitment 2022:Updated Details On KDF Cadet Application, Requirements.


Do you want to know all the details of KDF Cadet Recruitment 2022? Then stay right here !

The Kenya Defence Forces, or KDF, was established in the 2010 constitution of Kenya, and it falls under the Ministry of Defense. The forces constitute three arms: the Kenya Army, Kenya Navy, and the Kenya Air Force

The Kenya Defence Forces  is entrusted  with not only  the defence but also with the  protection of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kenya

The KDF cadet recruitment exercise normally  stirs plenty of excitement among young people whose desire is to be recruited into  the armed forces. Youths from all over  turn up  in  large numbers with the aim of being selected.

KDF cadet recruitment in 2022

Before the recruitment process begins, the Ministry of Defence makes an official announcement calling for applications. Usually, an advertisement is placed in the local dailies containing the deadline for application and the recruitment centres.

The KDF recruitment dates and centres in 2022 are yet to be issued by the Ministry of Defence. The last announcement was made in early 2021, and the recruitment process happened in February 2021. This year, the recruitment is scheduled between August and October.

The dates and centres for cadet recruitment in 2022 will probably be announced soon. If you wish to apply for this position in the future, it is crucial to know the requirements to prepare for the process in advance

KDF qualifications

If you have a desire  to become a cadet in Kenya, you must meet several basic requirements. Usually, the ministry advertises for the positions of general service officers cadets, including degree holders.

General criteria
The general conditions all applicants must meet are listed below.

  •Be a Kenyan Citizen. Kindly note that having dual citizenship is not allowed.

•Have a valid Kenyan national identity card (ID).When applying, you will need four copies of your ID card.
•Applicants for the cadet positions must be aged between 18 & 26 years.
•Be physically and medically fit as per the KDF standards.
•Have no known record of criminal activity.

•All male applicants must have a minimum height of 5’3″ or 160 centimetres. On the other hand, female applicants should have a minimum height of 5′ or 152 centimetres.

•All male applicants should have a minimum weight of 120 pounds or 54.55 kilogrammes, while their female counterparts should weigh at least 110 pounds or 50 kilogrammes.

•Female applicants should not be pregnant at the time of recruitment. They should also not fall pregnant during the entire duration of cadet Training

Academic requirements

The academic qualifications for cadets are classified into two as described below.

General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets:
•Applicants should have a minimum grade of B (plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

•They must have at least a C+ (plus) in Mathematics, English, and at least one science.

This category undergoes rigorous training for three years, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Military Science and Security Studies

General Service Officer (GSO) Cadet (undergraduate degree holders):

•All applicants should hold an undergraduate degree from a Known  university or institution.
This category undergoes the required training for eleven months.

How To Join KDF as a Cadet

If you wish to become a KDF cadet in 2022, you should be on the lookout for the next KDF recruitment date.

The Ministry Of Defense will call for applications via the official website and the local dailies. Once you know the dates, read the advert carefully to make sure  you meet the general conditions and academic qualifications.

The Next step is to  follow the application process as indicated in the advert and submit it to the indicated offices.

Upon submission, wait for feedback from the relevant authorities. If you are successful, you will be required to present yourself at one of the centres countrywide for a physical evaluation. You ought  not  to miss the physical evaluation on the date given in the itinerary.

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