Kenya Ranked Amongst The Last In Global Wine-Tasting Competition, Luxembourg.

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  • Five Kenyan women participated in the World Blind Tasting Championships that was held in Champagne Ayala, France, on October 8, 2022.




  • Joy Adero, Melissa Mwende, Soraiya Ladak, Beverly Mbaika and Victoria Mulu-Munywoki participated in the Wine Olympics




  • Luxembourg emerged as the best in the tough competition succeeding Hungary which won the championship in 2021

A group of five women who travelled to Luxembourg for a wine-tasting contest have emerged position 26 out of the 31 countries that participated in the competition on Saturday, October 8.





Kenyans in LuxermbourgKenya Staggers in Blind Wine Tasting, Emerges 26 out of 31 in Contest Won By Luxembourg
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Kenya was represented by Beverly Mbaikan Ndunge, Melissa Mwende Mainye, Jenipher Adero Achola, Soraiya Ladak and Victoria Mulu-Munywoki.




The tenth Blind Tasting World Championship of the Revue du Vin de France took place at the Ayala champagne house in Aÿ, in the Marne,





For this 2022 edition, 31 teams from all over the world and made up of the best tasters competed around twelve wines to try to succeed Hungary, the winner in 2021.




Luxembourg emerged as the best in the tough competition.





Trained by their coach Daniel Poos for thirty years, Zaiah Amann, Hervé Amann, Guy Bosseler, and Jules Hoffelt won this title for the first time and won after leading only from the 10th wine.





“It’s perseverance that allowed us to win”, confided the Luxembourgers at the end of the competition.




Luxembourg, therefore, won this fine competition for the first time, far ahead of the French, who finished in 18th place.





Luxembourg won with 139 points and was represented by Zaiah Amann, Hervé Amann, Guy Bosseler, Jules Hoffelt and Coach Daniel Poos



Portugal came in second place with 123 points and was represented by Raul Riba D’Ave, Paulo Peixoto, Tiago Simões and Carlos Sancho.






In third place was Spain, which managed 122 points and was represented by Marla González, Eduard Ros, Raúl Moreno, Francisco Montoya and Philippe Cesco (coach).





Prior to travelling, the five ladies rehearsed for the competition by sampling a minimum of 12 wines per session, with importers coming in to support them because of high price of the drinks.





During the competition, they were blindly sipping and spitting different types of wine and then wrote down their country of origin, grape type, and producer, among other features of the wine.






There are six white wines and six reds, and the contest often starts with a sparkling wine and ends with a sweet one.

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