Kenyans React To Ruto Misplaced Anger On Uhuru.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, Ruto have been exchanging bitter words in public for quite some time now and as days pass by, the



political rivalry between the duo seems to amplify immensely. It is now evident that the political marriage and agreement between the two broke up.




This is because the president endorsed Raila to be his successor and sidelined Ruto who stood by him for two consecutive terms.




They had earlier agreed that Uhuru will go for two terms as president then support Ruto also to become president. But that is not the case currently.

In a video posted by NTV on Facebook, Ruto is in a public rally as he Campaigns for the presidency in the oncoming general elections and he had no kind words to the president.



The deputy lectured his boss and told him to stop threatening the Kenya Kwanza team.




According to Ruto, Uhuru has been holding night meetings and says Both Ruto and his team will come to know who Uhuru is.



These, as Ruto labeled them to be are threats. The deputy went ahead to tell the president to just go home since he has tormented Kenyans for the last five years he has been in office.


These sentiments by Ruto made Kenyans to react with mixed reactions. And although few supported him, many are the ones who said he has lots of temper and should control his anger.




While others doubted how he will react if he looses the oncoming presidential elections.



See Some sections of reactions from the screenshots below.

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