Meet the 13-Year-Old Boy With 4 Diplomas, One Associate Degree In Cyber Security And Computer Science

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In the world of academia, where achievements often come with age and experience, the Muhammad siblings, Elijah and Shania, have emerged as trailblazers, rewriting the narrative of what is possible at a young age.

Their extraordinary journey not only speaks volumes about their individual brilliance but also sheds light on the pivotal role played by a supportive family environment.

Elijah Muhammad Graduating At 13: Elijah Muhammad’s story is one that begins with an early realization of passion and an unwavering determination to excel. At the age of 13, he etched his name in history as the youngest African American to graduate with an associate’s degree in cyber security and computer science.

The journey commenced in 2020 when Elijah joined Oklahoma City Community College, an institution that would become the backdrop for his unprecedented academic achievements.


His academic prowess is not limited to degrees alone; Elijah holds an impressive ten IBM certifications from Course Hero and a Google IT certification, underlining his comprehensive understanding of the cyber security landscape. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in cyber security and forensics at Oklahoma University, Elijah is not just a prodigy in the classroom.

A ten-time wrestling champion and a three-time state champion for the USA Wrestling League, he has carved a niche for himself in the sports arena as well.

Motivated by the academic successes of his siblings, Elijah expressed his desire to join college at a remarkably young age. His father, recognizing the potential in his son, enrolled him in a six-month cyber security program at Coursera, a program Elijah completed in an astonishing three weeks.

This early exposure and support set the stage for Elijah’s rapid academic ascent.

In an interview with ABC News, Elijah attributed his success to the family environment that encouraged learning and exploration. He emphasized the joy he finds in his studies, describing it as “not doing any work” but rather “having fun.” A motivational speaker in his own right, Elijah dedicates his time to inspiring other students to reach for their dreams, making him not just a scholar but also a beacon of motivation for the younger generation.

Elijah’s Sister, Shania: If Elijah’s story is one of early academic prowess, Shania Muhammad’s journey is a testament to consistent dedication and a pursuit of excellence.

Shania made history in 2022 as the youngest graduate at Langston University at the age of 15, having obtained a bachelor’s degree in Family Consumer Sciences.

Her journey, no less impressive than her brother’s, saw her graduating with two associate’s degrees by the age of 14, topping her class with distinction.


Shania, currently pursuing a master’s in business administration at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is not content with merely achieving academic milestones. She is in the process of publishing a book titled ‘Read, Write, Listen: 13 in College. How I did it.’ The book serves as a blueprint of her achievements, offering insights into her exceptional academic journey and providing inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

Shania, in interviews, emphasized that her path to success was not an overnight decision but the result of years of hard work starting from a young age. Her commitment to her studies and her desire to make a difference in the world through education reflect the values instilled in her by her family.

Family: The Muhammad siblings’ achievements are not isolated events; they are deeply rooted in a family environment that places a premium on education. Elijah Mohammad Snr, the father of Elijah and Shania, recognized the need for a shift in the narrative surrounding black achievements.

With a vision to challenge stereotypes that predominantly portrayed African Americans as entertainers and athletes, he became a cheerleader for his children’s academic pursuits.

The family adopted a celebration ritual where good grades were acknowledged with outings or new clothes. This positive reinforcement played a crucial role in shaping the academic destinies of the Muhammad siblings. Elijah Mohammad Snr, along with his wife, created an environment where education was not just valued but celebrated.

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