Report Reveals Top 10 Diploma Courses With Better Pay Than Most Degree Courses.

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Top 10 Diploma Courses That Are Way Better Than Degree Courses 2022


Every form four graduate hopes to enroll in college and pursue a degree program in a field of interest. But they don’t realize that enrolling in a degree program does not ensure that you will get a job right away that pays well after you graduate.

Despite having completed form four with grades that qualify them for admission to universities, some students choose to enroll in diploma programs at technical institutes and TVETs since some of these programs promise a better future following graduation.

Kenyan companies like diploma holders because:


  • diploma holders tend to work harder everyday as they understand how competitive job market is.
  • They are not choosy with unrealistic expectations.
  • They serve their employer firms with loyalty.

Here is a list of some diploma courses which are way better than degree courses in Kenya:

1.Nursing Diploma
Nurses are currently among the most sought-after professions by Kenyan companies, and becoming a nurse gives you the freedom to create and manage your own clinic. The KMTC, which has branches in practically every county in Kenya, provides diploma courses.

2. Mechanical Engineering Diploma
A well-paying employment right now in Kenya is opening and running your own garage. The market is getting more and more competitive every day as a result of the daily increase in the number of automobiles imported along with other transport vessels. You also get to exercise independence.

3. Quantity surveying diploma
The fact that you will always have something to accomplish, no matter how challenging circumstances may seem, is an added benefit of this training.

4. Diploma in Pharmacy
You can work in top pharmaceutical businesses in Kenya and make at least $100,000 per month with a mare diploma. Additionally, you can start your own pharmacy and manage it successfully.

5. Diploma in Architecture
One of Kenya’s top programs is this one. Due to the lack of concentration in this industry, there is still a considerable demand for architects in Kenya.

6. Diploma in Finance and Accounting
Accountants are always in demand in the business sector. In Kenya, this is the most sought-after diploma program.

7. Journalism and mass communication Diploma
Even though they earn very high wages, many of Kenya’s best journalists work for the country’s most prestigious media organizations. Self-employment is another benefit.

8. Software Engineering Diploma
Companies are constantly looking for talented software engineers to write complicated applications for their businesses and safeguard their data from hackers.

9. Human Resource Management Diploma
In every corporation, human resources specialists play a critical decision-making role. Without the assistance of HR personnel, business operations cannot run effectively. Diploma holders are chosen over degree graduates because of this demand.

10. Electrical Engineering Diploma
This program has a huge marketability. The majority of students who enroll in this program eventually work for themselves performing various easy but lucrative activities in residential dwellings, such as electrical repairs and installations.

All of these courses are offered in TVETs across the nation, as well as higher technical institutes.

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