Revealed! How Raila’s IT Guru Protects His Votes From UDA Hackers.

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Sources within Azimio have now claimed that their IT guru Mr. George Njoroge is playing a critical role to ensure that Raila Odinga’s hard earned votes are not stolen by hackers.




According to Philip Etale who is one of Raila’s communication experts,




the Kenya Kwanza guys have tried using all means to push cooked figures by interfering with transmission by the various media houses.




“”Eish Kenya Kwisha, you are trying all means to try and push your cooked figures…even trying to interfere with the transmission by media houses!




Wa…good enough, all your tricks have been thwarted.” Tweeted Etale.




Another tweet by George Njoroge wrote: “We know what SHAMELESSLY did at 02:28AM, it is being fixed shortly.





This morning between 02.28AM and 05:30 AM several leading media houses were HACKED and an INJECTION Algorithm installed. The same is being REVERSED.”






“At night, media houses transmission systems were hacked and an algorithm planted in to multiply Ruto’s figures but Raila’s ICT guru George Njoroge scuttled



the plan and effectively protected Baba’s victory. Mungu ni mkuu.” Added another Azimio insider.





Further reports allege that most of the form 34As sent to IEBC portal from Kenya Kwanza zone are fake after the venezuelan associates hacked the IEBC system and interfered with some data.





Consequently, the source revealed that the Azimio supporters ought not to panic since the system is being corrected and results will be announced




from the physical form 34As from various returning officers as opposed to the results being displayed on the televisions.





Besides, the physical form 34As will be compared with the ones uploaded in the IEBC portal just to ensure that they tally. Thereafter the IEBC chair Mr. Wafula





Chebukati will go ahead the winning presidential candidate once he is convinced that the forms tally with those in the public portal.

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