“Salaries of Public Servants To Be Increased By This Time.”Government Says

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Government to Increase Salaries of Public Servants Within The Following Number of Days



Photo courtesy of Kenya’s Head of State Dr William Samoei Ruto.




Kenyans inhabiting distinguished local and regional destinations can now breathe with a sigh of relief after the Kenyan Government announced a mega increase in wages.






The Kenyan government has today, the 1st day of November, 2022 notified all kenyan citizens that it will increase the




salaries of all public servants within a time scope of one hundred days.





The Kenyan government has announced that it will constitute a taskforce to review the salaries of all public servants




and offers recommendation on how the planned increase in wages can be successfully and effectively instituted.






The Kenyan government further divulged that a cross section of public servants lack motivation for work due to the low amount of wages they receive at the end of the month.






The Government has articulated that the planned increase in wages for public servants will play a fundamental role in




reducing instances and cases of corruption in the public service sector.





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