See What The Kshs. 298 B Allocation to TSC May Translate To On Teachers’ Salary Increments

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Teachers Set For July Salary Increment Following Kshs. 298 B Allocation to TSC

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to pay teachers on permanent and pensionable terms their annual salary increment in July this year following months of waiting for salary increment signed in the new 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Al teachers including teachers in lower grades will earn the usual annual salary increment without interruption this July when the Commission gets funds intended for salary increments.

The lowest grade among teachers is grade B5 also called ‘Primary Teacher II’ will have a salary increment of Kshs. 900.

This is following the Commission being allocated a mammoth Kshs. 298.37 out of the total KShs. 3.33 trillion national budget.

Besides this, the Commission has also received a sum of Kshs. 289.97 billion to finance teacher resource management, Kshs. 7.24 billion for general administration, planning and support services and a further Kshs. 1.16 billion for governance and standards.

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), 2021-2025 teachers with the lowest job groups will progressively be moved until they reach the maximum salary of Kshs. 27,195.






The same progressive upgrading will be done among all the other job groups until they reach the maximum salary in their respective job groups.





The annual salary increment in the past used to be paid to teachers depending on which month they were absorbed into the TSC payroll.



However, things changed following the inception of the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) and the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2017-2021, with teachers moving to new job groups in July.






The two-year salary freeze has since been revoked by the National Assembly releasing teachers from the effects of the freeze on their salary changes.





Following the signing of the new CBA, increments on basic salary, allowances and benefits of all government workers were all suspended.





What are The Salaries of Teachers as Captured In The 2021-2025 CBA?

B5 21,756 27,195 6
C1 27,195 33,994 6
C2 34,955 43,694 6
C3 43,154 53,943 6
C4 52,308 65,385 7
C5 62,272 77,840 7
D1 77,840 93,408 7
D2 91,041 109,249 7
D3 104,644 125,573 7
D4 118,242 141,891 7
D5 131,380 157,656 7

Extended salary points from Grade C4 – D4




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