“Seek the hands of LSK, Senate and Parliament to gag TPD modalities.” Teachers advised

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In an attempt to comb solutions to teachers TPD predicament in this country, a teacher from the Lakeside has offer free advice to his colleagues. He states,

“Teachers in Kenya need urgent assistance from the LSK and the senate and the parliament*

_We are being exploited, misused and dictated_

Whatever we are witnessing in the teaching profession in Kenya today is nothing other than dictatorship, exploitation of teachers, bad governance and misuse of power.

Apparently teachers are main source of revenue for a few individuals in this country. This started when teachers were stripped off their medical allowances many years ago. The employer instead came up with a bonoko insurance company called AoN Minet which hitherto has been mistreating teachers.

That is a channel this gives a few people billions per month.

Teachers unions have been reduced to the beggers. KNUT never got its shares from TSC for many months under Sossion’s reign although members used to pay the dues. Under the watch of the government.

TSC CEOs terms came tp an end in June and all due processes were to be followed before her 2nd appointment. This was never done.

It’s for this reason that teachers in Kenya can’t breath.

We are asking the president of Kenya to uphold the law and order that governs this country.

TSC is not a private entity.

Some teachers keen not that to achieve this, teachers should:-

1. Swear that no teacher shall register for the TPD.

2.Convene in groups to write petitions to our member of parliament ,senators ,seeking for their support in rejecting TPD and presenting this same facts in parliament .

3. Contribute financially to initiatives set up by colleagues to oppose TPD in courts of law and also attend in big numbers such forums meant to oppose TPD .

4.Sensitize the teaching fraternity the need to reject TPD and seek alliance with parties who understand why we r agitated .
This is not easy and that’s why we shall all of us to be in this fight.



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