Shocking Theft: Tricks Petrol Attendants Use To Steal Money From Motorists.

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People we deal with in any capacity should always be reliable.



However, we encounter innumerable people every day, most of whom we will never speak to for more than a few seconds.




Gas station personnel are in that group. It’s a shock to learn that not everyone is honest, and that some would try to steal from you.




Therefore, in order to protect you, I have developed a list of the most common frauds employed by gas station employees. Do your research and learn as much as you can about them before you become the next victim.




As an example: (1) there’s the car that offers to pump gas for you.

It’s the last few days of the month, and you need to fill up before you go over your spending limit or blow your monthly budget.



However, one of the most common ways that gas stations scam customers is described below.




Instead of filling the tank all the way up, merely filling it halfway is a solid defense strategy. To prevent falling victim to a financial scam and reap additional benefits.






Second, a Complete Memory

Many motorists don’t realize that fuel dispensers come equipped with a recall button. When this button is pressed, the ten most recent purchases should be displayed.




Envision a gas price of roughly R1,000 per month. However, the cashier at the gas station keeps track of all purchases exceeding 500 Rand and acts accordingly. The total will be $1,000, but you’ll only get $500 for your gas tank. Below is an excerpt with further explanation.

The Third Fake-Out Reset

At most stations, the machine will reset to the beginning when you replace the pump’s nozzle.



However, some workers don’t fully insert the nozzle when they replace it on the machine out of fear of pressing the reset button by accident. A new round of restocking will pick off right where the previous one left off.




Below is a detailed explanation of the disadvantages.

Those who you engage with on a daily basis may not always be completely honest with you. Education is key in order to prevent this.




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