TSC Mutes County Directors’ Authority to Post and Move Teachers

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TSC has taken away the county directors’ ability to post and transfer teachers .The  District Directors’ and Sub-District Directors’ (SCDs’) ability to associate.




transfer teachers by SMS have been withdrawn hence causing chaos for the promotional interviews that were supposed to take place next month.




Tsc instructed the CD through a notice distributed to the Regional Directors (RDs) to halt any deployments to administrative positions until policies are developed.





The limit to propose transfers to the TSC Headquarters’ Deputy Director (DD) of Staffing now awaits the  pending evaluation and transmission of the updated guidelines.




Current unexpected plan has raised  uncertainty over the fate of teachers awaiting promotions and deployments after successful interviews in August.




Having been decentralized to the regions, TSC  distribution and transmission functions were entrusted to the CD and SCD in cooperation with the RD.




Latest centralization leaves the status of teachers in limbo awaiting promotions and transfers.




Even with the Commission having  promoted teachers to administrative roles in August, with plans to deploy them to new stations, recent SMS announcement darkens the outlook for more than 3,000 successful applicants.




Various concerns have been raised about the unconventional mode of communication anr this the  field officers questioning why such crucial information was conveyed via SMS rather than through official channels such as a circular or internal memo.




While responding to this , the TSC head of operations Gabriel Mathenge said he was not aware of the communication but suggested it could serve as a reminder to officers in the field regarding the absence of transfers during the trial period.

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