Unregistered Sim Cards To Go Offline This Month Government Warns

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If you have not registered your SIM card, you have one month to do so lest you get switched off from mobile networks, Communications Authority of Kenya has warned.




CA has set mid February as the deadline for telcos to deactivate all active unregistered SIM Cards on their network.




The latest data from the authority indicates that there are about 64.9 million active mobile subscriptions.




Despite this, some of these subscriptions are not registered as per the Registration of SIM–Cards Regulations of 2015 which requires mobile network service providers to suspend and deactivate SIM cards belonging to subscribers who failed to register by mid February 2016.




However, mobile network service operators have been requesting for more time for compliance with the latest request being made in October last year.




On Thursday, the CA said it is about time action was taken.



CA says 96% of Kenya has 3G network coverage to facilitate transmission of election data come August this year and the remaining 4 percent is within reach of areas with network coverage.




The telecommunications regulator hence does not foresee any problem in prompt relaying of election results.




On the roll out of 5G network service in Kenya, the Communications Authority of Kenya is finalizing on the 5G roadmap that would guide the roll out of the service.




CA is challenging more service providers to apply for a trial license of 5G service to enable them prepare for the roll out.

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