Africa invents better messaging App than WhatsApp! Supfrica

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Is it time for Africa? A new better WhatsApp, Supfrica!

Sierra Leonean becomes the first African country to shoot sharp into the messaging App. A citizen of Sierra Leone named Hafiz Alhassan has brought sweet tidings into the continent. Hafiz has created a messaging app that is reported to be evidently much faster than the usual WhatsApp.

The US-based Sierra Leonean, Hafiz named his application software, Supfrica. The app bares semblance to the WhatsApp and has all the features that are in the Whatsapp. However, one of its strong features keeps it acutely distinct and amazingly distinguished, it’s 2× faster than WhatsApp.

Thus using it on messaging, Supfrica is much faster than messaging on WhatsApp which has for quite sometimes now dominated the technological market. WhatsApp was invented and founded by two gentlemen, Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 having quitted their jobs at Yahoo with the help of a Russian developer, Mr. Igor Solomennikov.

Photos of the inventors of WhatsApp.

The History Of WhatsApp

With fresh hopes pumped into the continent through the invention, sharing voice messages and video call will be accompanied with resounding high quality, infact, just far better than the WhatsApp. It is now time to embrace our own. It is proudly made by Africa ‘blood.’

Mr. Hassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu Sr. owns Techfrica Company which released the much praised app on the Google Play Store sometimes in December. Precisely, December 11, 2020. At first, the app attracted fewer downloads.

News about Supfrica struck the Sierra Leone’s airwaves just when Salone Messenger broke the silence on the 5th of January in a tantalizing Facebook post which immediately went viral on Facebook and off Facebook like bush fire.

So far, this moment, the app has hit over 100,000+ downloads on Google Play Store; thus making it the fastest app ever made by a Sierra Leonean to climax such amazing heights and the most talked about app in the country, Sierra Leone and the continent, Africa as a whole.

Even more amazing is the app’s rating at number 1 on Google Play Store Top Free Apps; thus leading the world’s top most messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, etc. Beautiful??

In terms of functional features, Supfrica is endowed with:-
– Both voice and video calls, which are faster, cheaper, and audible.
– Enables messaging of more than 20 contacts at ago unlike with the WhatsApp that limits on the numbers.
–Unlike WhatsApp, Supfrica permits one to create a group of unlimited contacts.
– You can use 2G, 3G, and 4G perfectly without scrambling on the voice and video calls.
To download; Visit play store. or logon to the site below:

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