Circumstances For Replacement Of A Teacher’s TSC Registration Certificate.

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Once an individual has training as a teacher from a recognized institution, he/she has to register with the teacher employer,Teachers Service Commission TSC for a certificate.





TSC certificate certificate is a crucial document that a teacher must  have. Absence of  this document, one can neither be employed nor be promoted.




However , there are circumstances under which this document can also get lost or misplaced hence denying one crucial services. Under this situation, TSC gives chance for replacement  or even change your names.





Circumstances under which TSC certificate can be  replaced:

TSC offers opportunities for the registration certificate to be replaced incase; is misplaced.

2.It  gets  lost.

3.It gets damaged.

4.It gets deestroyed.

5.when one wants to change names.

New Requirements for  certificate replacement

For the replacement of this certificate to be effectived one;


a.Must pay a non-refundable fee of ksh. 2055

b.Must have Bank payment slip

c. Must have ID

d. Incase of change of names an affidavit or marriage certificate must be provided

e. all applications must be done online.




All these documents must be scanned before loading them

How to apply for TSC certificate replacement

To apply click on the following link and follow the instructions to como registration process

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