Commonly Known TSC Leaves A Teacher is Entitled To

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According to Teachers Service commission ,all days that an officer is out of his/her work station,formally are known as ‘leave’ days.Just like all other civil servants in the public service and in line with TSC compliance of employment ,2007,all teachers (TSC employed) are entitled to the following leaves;-

This type of leave is granted to a teacher who absents him/herself from duty for purposes of study or research.Before an officer qualifies for the leave he/she must meet the following requirements;
Completes triplicate copies of the study leave form.The original copy should be sent to TSC headquarters,the remaining two copies to be forwarded to head of department.
Ensure the application is received by TSC 30 days prior to the commencement of the leave.
Ensure admission letter or any other proof document is attached to the 3 forms.
One should leave his/her work station after receiving a written approval from TSC.
After completion of studies /research, reporting to work station should be within 14 days.
If one so wishes to extend the study leave,he/she should seek approval one month prior.
Every teacher is entitled to a cumulative 42 leave in an academic year, this leave is taken while schools close for holidays.The leave is not supposed to accumulate and split over to the subsequent year.A teacher who is not on annual leave is assumed to be on duty when schools are closed for holidays.
As the word suggests,this leave is given to a female teacher who is in confinement.A 90 day maternal leave is granted to this teacher ,the days are exclusive from the annual leave.
Upon attaching relevant medical forms,a maternity leave form should be submitted to the DEO/MEO/DCE via the head of the school in at least one month before commence of the leave .
A male teacher in the service can apply for paternity leave Ten days within the period of the partner’s maternity leave.In the event a teacher has more than one wife,only those spouses captured in NHIF data will guarantee him paternity leave.The application should be sent to the DEO/MEO/CEO with an attachment of medical letter for spouse’s confinement.
TSC may grant a special leave (with pay) to an officer who has been selected to attend a conference or workshop within a certain period recommended by the employer.The conference should not only be of national importance but also be of importance in the teaching profession.

Ordinarily,this leave is supposed to be taken during school holidays,however a teacher can undertake the leave while schools are in session ,if the commission is in collaboration with the stakeholders who nominated /selected the teacher for training.

This leave is applied by a teacher with deteriorated health status in the service.According to code of regulation for teachers,the leave should be forwarded to the commission within 48hrs for out-patients and 7 days for in-patients.A sick leave will not be granted upon late submission of the form .
A teacher can be granted up to 15 working days compassionate leave because of dependent’s illness or bereavement.The leave should be approved by the head of the school before commencement
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