Procedure: Updating Teachers’ Profile

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Updating of personal profile in Teachers Service Commission website is a simple and a straightforward process. Teachers are required to access and update their details by 30th November 2021. Here is the link to use while updating

Before you start the process ensure that you have scanned all documents required to be uploaded. Only certified copies of original documents should be scanned and uploaded.The following documents should be scanned ready for upload;

ID or Passport

KRA PIN Certificate

Passport Photo-(All in one pdf)

Kenya Certificate of  Primary Education KCPE

Kenya Certificate of  Primary Education KCPE

Your Certificate from Tertiary Institution; Diploma, Degree or PGDE

Transcript-(All in one pdf)

An Affidavit

For expatriate teachers, they should attach a letter of clearance from Ministry of Education Vetting Committee.

While filling required data, it is important to enter correct detail. This is because it is a serious offence to wilfully give false information to the Teachers Service Commission. The law provides that any person convicted of the offence may be fined up to Ksh 100,000 or imprisoned for Twelve (12) months or both. (Section 44 of TSC Act No. 20 of 2012).

There are various sections that will be filled; basic details, contact information, teaching area and professional background.

All sections of this registration application MUST be completed in full. The goodness is that you can save part of this form and complete it on a later time if necessary.

 Required information
Basic Details
KRA Pin:
ID Number:
Home County:
Home SubCounty:

Contact Information
Permanent Post:
Current Post:

Other Information
Main Subject:
Convicted: no
Dismissed: no

1. ID/Passport-(All in one pdf)
Identity Card
2. Transcript-(All in one pdf)Four Transcripts From Kenyatta University
3. KRA PIN Certificate.
4. Passport Photo-(All in one pdf)Passport photo

How to update Profile

To update you profile follow these steps:

Click on this link

Fill all the required information then click on enter button.

Enter the 4-digit code that will be sent from TSC.

Fill all the required data and thereafter click on next until you finish the whole process.

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