Elections Court Petition: Sampled Forms 34A Indicate Errors & Manipulated Figures

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The president elect William Ruto has received bad news ahead of the supreme Court hearing.





This is after the daily nation widely identified errors and manipulated figures in several form 34As putting the integrity of the just concluded presidential election into question.







Her is a link: https://nation.africa/kenya/news/politics/sample-of-forms-34a-reveals-errors-in-presidential-tally-3925620




The supreme Court is expected to analyze the presidential results and determine whether to overturn Ruto’s win or uphold it.




It’s evident the elections are expected to happen within 60 days if the election of William Ruto is nullified.





The fact that errors have been identified in form 34As is the clearest confirmation that William Ruto’s victory might be challenged successfully in court.





However, it’s a fact the daily nation has been one of the propaganda machines which have been used by Azimio to bring down William Ruto.





However whether the anomalies as identified by the nation media group will be used as evidence at the supreme Court is a matter of wait and see.




However the obvious reality remains that, William Ruto is the president elect until such is overturned by the supreme.





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