Gvn. Obado Faces Drama In Migori During Dr. Ayacko’s Swearing In.

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Trouble started when local leaders criticised Obado.

Migori outgoing governor Okoth Obado (carrying the county seal) while incoming governor Ochillo Ayacko looks on
TRANSITION Migori outgoing governor Okoth Obado (carrying the county seal) while incoming governor Ochillo Ayacko looks on Image: MANUEL ODENY


Outgoing Migori governor Okoth Obado had a rough time handing over the instruments of power to his successor Ochilo Ayacko during the swearing-in ceremony.





Rowdy crowds started hurling water bottles at him as a section of others jeered him.




Obado was among high-ranking guests invited to the function at Migori county stadium on Thursday.




It forced a protocol breach as Awendo MP Walter Owino who was to call Obado failed to calm the charged crowd heckling him.




“I am asking with humility and love, even if you have problems with Obado respect this celebration. Obado please come and say goodbye to these people, you led them,” Owino said.




But the charged crowd continued yelling and shouting unprintable words forcing Ayacko to come and calm them.





“I beg you please and with utmost humility to give Obado time to talk, he is still our brother and kin. He has performed his transition duties smoothly and he has to speak,” Ayacko said.





Trouble started when Nyatike MP Tom Odege, Migori Woman Representative Fatuma Mohammed, Uriri MP Mark Nyamita, Suna Central MCA elect Samuel O’brien and South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali attacked Obado, his administration and alliance with Deputy President William Ruto directly.





“Ayacko is inheriting a failed government from Obado. I can say without fear. We will join him in prayers as he saves our people from looters and liberates Migori from thieves, we will back Ayacko,” Odege said.




Nyamita said Ayacko should know that “being a governor is not in competition with MPs. We have a special mandate to develop Migori, We also ask him to make health care better”.






Mohammed who was elected on an independent ticket told off Obado and Ruto for trying to ‘buy her off to move to Kenya Kwanza.






“I want to tell Ruto and his agent here that I am fully in ODM. There is no day my loyalty to Raila Odinga can be bought, they can take away his money,” Mohammed said.





But amid jeers, Obado said he will not stop supporting Ruto irking the crowd further.




“I am in another wing, just leave me there I am safe. If you think your wing and journey can take you to Canaan just go ahead and good luck,” Obado said.




“It was a celebration and forgiveness. Those who attacked me here I have also forgiven them,” Obado said.




Obado congratulated Ayacko and insisted that he will support him fully and said for ten years “it was not an easy walk, it was difficult terrain which should not repeat itself”.




Ayacko thanked Obado and said he still has a chance to make Migori better by working as a leader.

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