Labour Court Orders Teachers’ Union, KUPPET To Refund Ksh 90M

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The teachers are currently planning to go for a short holiday after the planned closure of schools next week on 23rd.However,some schools have already defied the Ministry of Education’s orders by releasing the students early for holiday.

In some schools,the teachers are compiling the results of the internal assessment tests for the learners.

Teachers have been crying about the oppressions from the employer. Currently, they are up in arms about the TPD Modules trainings that will see them renew their teaching licences.

For some time,they have blamed their unions for doing little to save them from such situations.Unfortunately,some teachers have ended up suffering after opposing the trainings that the unions accepted.

The teachers who had left Kuppet some times back are finally smiling.These teachers have constantly been deducted the union dues despite quitting the union as a result of feeling let down by the teachers’ union. Luckily, labour court has finally rewarded them millions dealing Kuppet a blow.

A number of teachers quit union citing betrayal. Teachers felt that issues affecting them were sidestep by the unions that resorted to serving personal interests. Consider the case of TPD that the employer TSC forced on teachers with full support of the teachers’ unions. It’s from here that the fall out began. The deductions affected over 3500 teachers.

The teachers who quit the union but were still subjected to forced agency union deductions, will now receive their earlier deducted amounts totalling to Ksh 90M since the union had been collecting this money illegally. This is a rare huge win for teachers.

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